• Inclusivity- A Story About Promoting Self Love

    We recently had an awesome photo shoot with Julie from Originations. For the photo shoot I personally selected local women of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds to serve as the models for this shoot. It is really important to me to be a brand that represents inclusivity.
    One of our founding principles is to promote self love. We believe that seeing women that look like you featured as models is one way we can help promote self love for all women!
    Some of these photos were so funny because Joy is so tall and Erycka is so short that we had to have Joy take off her shoes just to fit the pair of them in the frame. But this is what I love about being a brand based on promoting love!
    It was important to me to not have a bunch of photos of our jewelry on models pouting or looking bored. Here at Erica Burns Designs we want to have FUN and not take ourselves to seriously. Which is why I am in love with this shot of Cindy!
    You can tell she was just having fun and being herself! 
    Even though this was probably the coldest day of the season thus far you you certainly can't tell by the fun that was had by all on this day!
    Check out some of the awesome shoots Julie got as you peruse the new website!

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